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Via Bruxellensis 2022-2023

As you might already know, we never stop our classes during holidays so our sessions have gone uninterrupted.

Still, now is the “back to school” time, a new school year and with it, some new things!

COVID constraints staying low, we can enjoy our Extra Time again by snacking or sipping a little something, the potluck way.

Or to keep on practicing more should you fancy it.

We have the classes for kids, Juniores, from age 10 to 14, every wednesday afternoon.


We have news for the grown ups as well with a saber class, where you’ll explore many sources from different regions and periods.

As always: our two classes of longsword, our 19th-20th century class of savate/French boxing and more.

And even more: our monthly meeting, the UFC, open sparring session first Saturday each month, 3 hours long.

Here is a summary of everything you can get should you join us.

For adults, that makes up to 9h of practice per week, plus the 3 hours long monthly UFC.

Would you dare to say that we do not spoil you?

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