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Give a Gay a Sword

Saturday May 4th 2024, 15h – 17h
Starter session: Give a gay a sword
Queer / LGBTQIA+ exclusive
ENG/FR/NL ; 5€ cover charge
VUB Sportcomplex, hall L1

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to hit your friends with a metal sword? Explore blades beyond the binary with your queer peers?

Then come try an affordable, dedicated swordfighting class by Via Bruxellensis open only to people with queer identities, plus their noble allies!

This session explicitly INCLUDES trans, intersex and nonbinary people.
The class is taught by queer instructors. Gender-neutral changing rooms are available.

We provide the swords and protection. Just come wearing loose sport clothes and sporty shoes, and bring a water bottle!
This session is open to anyone of the appropriate identities regardless of fitness level or past experience! We include a 5€ charge per person to cover the hall rent.

Trying out a new sport and new sport club can be intimidating at the best of times, but especially if you are LGBTQIA+. We are running this session to lower the barrier to entry into Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), an awesome, unique sport that can be whatever YOU need it to be.

The goal is for you to try out the sport in a comfortable environment, and to give you a good foundation to join the regular trainings with confidence if you happen to be interested in joining.

This thorough 2-hour class will go through the basics of how to use a Longsword – a near-mythical medieval weapon in European history. You will get to know each other, learn some of the history of the weapon, get an overview of HEMA and our club, and of course, learn to wield a sword. The swordfighting itself will include warm-up, sword techniques, some friendly combat and cooldown stretches.

Event supported by HSK De Vagant, the swordfighting club on VUB Campus.