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Our Board

(nicknamed “the Small Council”)

Eva Varagnolo


She hesitantly pushed the door of the Via Bruxellensis room in December 2017 and was hooked from the first contact with the blade. Passionate about larp, married to a capoeirist, she favours the beautiful gesture to the strike at any cost. Concerned about details and the respect of the discipline while keeping a playful and friendly approach, she is also in charge of the Via Bruxellensis Juniores courses for children from 10 to 14 years old. Eva became President of the club in March 2023 after serving as Secretary of the ASBL under the presidency of Benjamin Cassart, the club’s founder.

Hannelore Van Laer

Secretary/Mistress of Scrolls

Member since august of 2019, Hannelore (she/he) loves getting in the weeds of the sourcework. Having done higher studies in Medieval Dutch Literature & Linguistics and Modern Translation, she now teaches the system of Liechtenauer in an organized way and enjoys discussing interpretations. She uses concepts from modern sportcoaching to improve brain, brawn and body structure. Meticulous in her work inside the admininistration, Hannelore also knows first aid and CPR, believes in student support and diversity.

Romain Deltour

Treasurer/Master of Coins

Romain has been a member of the Via Bruxellensis club for more than a year, and practising HEMA since 2020. He is the treasurer of the association and ensures that it has the means to achieve its ambitions. Amateur of long sword (Liechtenauer) and sabre (Roworth and Angelo), he practices light sparring and refereeing and is passionate about welcoming new members and their integration into the association.