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Faits d’Armes – Partner

You might already know the French distriibutor Faits d’Armes.

There you’ll find a very large choice over a very large array of equipments for any person practicing HEMA.

On top of having provided many of our members with gear over the years, Faits d’Armes is now a partner shop of our club.

What does that meant? It means that from now on, our members can use a discount code to save some money on their gear investments when shopping on Faits d’Armes.

Do not hesitate to ask your discount code to our staff members!

Nota Bene: To answer the many questions of members on “where to equip?”, many links to many well known retailers, makers and distributors have been added to the About us page and especially on the pages dedicated to our different classes we offer.

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