Classes for “adults” (from 15 years old)


Starting in October 2022

Friday evenings – 18h30 to 20h30

All year long, including during vacations and holidays – no rest for the warriors.

Classes topic

Study and practice of the infantry saber (18th and 19th century). The bases taught are coming from British sources of the “napoleonian” era, mostly from Charles Roworth and Henry Angelo. Nonetheless, other sources and periods will be studied, from time to time, to enrich the practice. A large part of the classes will be dedicated to the sparring.

There is room as well for more experienced practitionners to propose exercises to practice together as well as some aspects of the sources they want to dig in deeper.


To be noted:

Before any investment, do not be afraid to ask to different club members about gear quality, to see what’s worth or not. That will prevent you from spending money on worthless elements.

Equipment to start with

We require that you equip yourself and quickly with the following elements:

  • Yourself
  • A practice outfit both comfortable and practical
  • A fencing mask (ideally a HEMA dedicated model)
  • Light protecting gloves
  • Groin protector
  • (a bit later) A saber simulator, HEMA compatible and made of steel (e.g. Black Fencer, Kvetun, etc.)

The Next Steps

These are the elements that you will add to your kit over time (roughly sorted by priority) :

  1. Back of head protection (with or without mask overlay)
  2. HEMA jacket (padded + throat protection)
  3. Throat protector
  4. Elbows and forearms protections
  5. Knees and shins protections
  6. Chest protector
  7. HEMA pants (padded)
  8. Heavy protecting gloves


Art of defense on foot, 4th edition. 1824. Charles Roworth

The Rules and Regulations for the Infantry Sword Exercise. 1817. Henry Angelo

Angelo’s posters


Jérémy Royaux

Firstly interested in combat sports and self defense, he discovered HEMA through a friend and became highly passionate in it since. He keeps on practicing longsword at the Salle d’Armes Jean le Noir / . Bruselas Destreza. When he is not busy practicing HEMA, he accompagnies delinquent minors in Brussels on their psycho-education (restorative/reparative justice) and also is invested in science popularization in another association.


History Saber Suite youtube channel – offers many interesting videos about saber, its history and its uses.

Academy of Historical Fencing videos introducing the bases of saber (Roworth / Angelo)

Example of high level saber sparring (more Polish saber in this instance)

Example of high level saber sparring (Roworth / Angelo)